Q: What camera do use?
A: I’ve used four different cameras. One of them is just a simple point-and-shoot. I occasionally use a Sony Cybershot from the 2003, but it still takes really crisp pictures. I also used a DSLR to film the LEGO Halloween Special. My most recent is the Logitech C920 webcam. This what I used to film my THAC X entry.

Q: What stop motion program do you use?
A: Up until recently, I’ve used Windows Movie Maker, iStopMotion, and FrameByFrame

Q: What do you use now?
A: Well, now I use a capture/animating program called MonkeyJam.

Q: What editing programs do you use?
A: I used Windows Movie Maker for stop motion and editing back when I had a PC, I briefly used iStopMotion for the animating and iMovie HD for the editing. Now, I use MonkeyJam for animating and Windows Movie Maker for editing.

Q: What frame rate do film at?
A: Everything up to “The Life of an Orc” was shot at 8 frames per second (fps). LEGO Halloween Special was my first film to run at 15 fps. I plan to make most of my movies at 15 fps from now on.

Q: How do you get your ideas for your films?
A: I take something mundane like a jester and give it a gun.

Q: How long does it take for you to film a stop motion?
A: Not counting the time to build the set, any amount of time, depending on how long the video is and how many still shots I’ll have to take.

Q: Do you do Sub4Sub?
A: Until I reach a maximum of 150 subscribers I will do Sub4Sub. After that, no.

Q: Will you subscribe to me on YouTube?
A: I only subscribe to people I like. Unless we’re doing a Sub4Sub, probably not.

Q: Who are your inspirations? Brickfilmers you look up to?
A: xxxfancypantsxxx inspired to do bricfilming in the first place. ZachMG inspired me to do other films besides licensed themes (Star Wars, Avengers, etc.). Nick Durron taught me the value of spending as much time as needed on my brickfilms.

Q: What program(s) do recommend for a PC?
A: Windows Movie Maker is what I used for a while and it did the job, but it’s not meant for stop motion. MonkeyJam is a really cool program. Unfortunately it only works if you a webcam or camcorder. The Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 does the best job for this program. If you can’t find what you need here then just google it.

Q: What program(s) do recommend for a Mac?
A: I briefly used iStopMotion for all my stop motion. The only downside to that is that it costs a lot. But if you have that kind of cash, go nuts. FrameByFrame is a pretty good stop motion program. It gets the job done in other words. Also, FrameByFrame is a free program. I hear FrameThief is a good stop motion program, but my computer is too old and it won’t download.

Q: Can I voice in one of your videos?
A: I’m glad someone would want to be in my videos, but the answer is probably no. I usually record myself for all the characters in my videos. If I have auditions for a character in my video, you’re free to audition for the role. If you really want to, you can send a message to me on YouTube or Bricks In Motion and ask. It will help if you can tell me what kind of characters your good at playing. Anyway, don’t get tour hopes up.

Q: Can you be the voice in one of my videos?
A: It depends. If I am recording a very long role then it is unlikely. If it is not very long I will be more obliged to record for you. If I am in your video I will not swear. For me to send you the audio files I will have to get your email. After we’re done with business you are not allowed to email me whenever you want unless we’re doing business. I am pretty good at almost any voice so it won’t really matter who I’m playing. It will help if you send me a script rather than just a question.

Q: What equipment do you recommend for brickfilming?
A: You should probably buy a table tripod for your brickfilming. Table tripods are good for close up images. Actually, you should just have any kind of tripod for that matter. A good mic is crucial for good quality films.

Q: What do recommend for stop motion? Mac or PC?
A: That really depends. It is better to have both if you can, but you will probably be able to get the job done on either/or. PCs have Windows Movie Maker which is a really good editor program. You can also do stop motion on it so there’s that. Macs have iStopMotion which is a pretty good program. Almost all Macs have some form of iMovie. Newer Macs have iMovie and older Macs have iMovie HD. It’s your choice on which type of computer you use. Whichever works best for you.

If your question is not one of these, feel free to comment here or send a message to me on YouTube.


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