Films In Pre-Production

LEGO Avengers
This will be sort of a music video. There will be little to no sound in the video except music from The Avengers score.

Robin’s Knightmare
This is going to be how Robin doesn’t get much sleep after all that crime fighting.

This will be a very hard video to film. It will show Robin with a hood on and black pants instead of red. I’m going to try and make look like the new Robin coming out next year as I can. I’ve finished writing the script and it will be out next year.

Unnamed Zombie brickfilm
I’m not sure how this film will play out, because I’m having a lot of trouble writing the script. I am sure, however that I will make it. Eventually.

This will be about a guy that tries to deliver a pizza but is hijacked by stormtroopers, hit with a shield by Captain America, etc. At the rate I’m going, it won’t be released until at least December this year. At the latest, May 2013.

Space Militia part 2
Obviously I have to finish Space Militia. After getting ideas for all these other brickfilms it sorta went low on my to-do list. I promise to finish Space Militia, but not for a while.

Jester: Hero for Hire sequel/remake
After seeing how few views Jester: Hero for Hire got, I was a little discouraged about doing brickfilms not based off movies. Depending on how things play out, I will decide whether to make a sequel or do a remake to this film.

LEGO Hunger Games Parody
It is possible that I’ll do this film. I just can’t seem to write a good script for it. I may eventually trash this idea but you never know.

The Infiltration (trailer only)
This will be a trailer only. A faux trailer if you will. I would do the whole film if it wouldn’t take at least a year to do it all. Anyway, the premise of the story is that shape-shifting aliens abduct people and then pose as them in the real world. I know this has probably already been done in the movies, but whatever.

Operation: Silver Bullet (trailer only)
Another faux trailer. The synopsis is that after a scientist makes a serum that should give the drinker dog-like abilities, scent, speed, hearing, etc, something goes wrong. It then turns the scientist into a werewolf. Soon after several deaths every full moon, a team is formed with the job of killing the werewolf. Cool, right? As much as I’d like to make this film, it would take too long and be too long. The longer the video the less people want to watch it.

Let the Wookiee Win remake
Since I got an actual microphone, I’ve been wanting to redo Let the Wookiee Win. It may take a while but it’ll be out eventually.


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