Finished Films

Space Militia: Designation Checkmate – THAC X entry
With only 24 hours to make this the whole video, I had to rush to get this thing done on time. I had just gotten the Logitech C920 for Christmas a few days earlier. I used my new camera and MonkeyJam to make the visual part of this video. I used Windows Movie Maker to add in titles, credits, and audio. Unfortunately, I forgot to put the resolution up to 1080 before I started filming. Since the YouTube video size is higher than the video resolution I used, the video didn’t turn out very good. On the bright side, I made the whole thing in 9 hours.

LEGO Halloween Special
I had a bit of a change of pace for this film. I wanted this special to be, well, special. Instead of usually using my point-and-shoot and iStopMotion, I used my Mom’s DSLR and Windows Movie Maker. For some reason, when I put the DSLR pictures on iStopMotion, it messes them all up. I made it in less than four days.

The Life of an Orc
This was one of the quickest-to-make films I’ve ever done. It took me about a minute to build the set because it was just the LOTR set, Orc Forge. Since there were a lot of still shots it only took me about half an hour to film it all. The only problem was that my mic wasn’t working on my Mac computer so I had to record my voices on the family PC and then email the files to myself, download them to my Mac and then put all together on iMovie HD.

Space Militia part 1
I worked on this film with my friend. He built the set while I decided how things were going to play out. The filming took about an hour. I will finish this series eventually.

Jester: Hero for Hire
This was the last film I made on Windows Movie Maker. It took a long time to make the whole thing, but I eventually finished it. I made the mistake of making the trailer first. I made the trailer first not thinking that I would make the whole movie. After that I had to film several different parts individually. Then I took the scenes from the trailer and put it all together.


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