Good Hardware and Software

Here is a list of stuff I use and some stuff that is recommended.

Stop Motion
– Windows Movie Maker (XP/Windows 7) – I used this software to make the “LEGO Halloween Special”.
– Windows Movie Maker (Vista) – Every film up to “Jester: Hero for Hire” was made with this software. Not a bad program, but pretty amateur.
-iStopMotion – “Space Militia part 1” and “The Life of an Orc” were both made on this program. I plan to use it more in the future.
– MonkeyJam – MonkeyJam is a very good capture program, but can sometimes give your computer viruses so be careful.
– Stop Motion Pro – I’ve never used this program, but I hear it is pretty good. It costs money, though.
– iKit Stop Motion – I’ve never used this one either, but it’s very good. I’m pretty sure you can download a free trial version.
– Ansazi – I know this is a stop motion program, but I’m not sure if it’s free or if it’s even meant for LEGOs.
– FrameByFrame – This is a free program for Mac. I used this once when I was trying to make “Space Militia part 1”, but the FrameByFrame file could not be imported to my editing program. An okay program, but very amateur. I guess I was just unlucky.
-FrameThief – I’ve never used this program because my computer was too old to download it. I hear it’s an okay program.

– Windows Movie Maker (XP/Windows 7) – I used this for stop motion and editing on the “LEGO Halloween Special”.
– Windows Movie Maker (Vista) – “Jester: Hero for Hire” was the last film I made using this software.
– iMovie HD – Essentially just Windows Movie Maker for Mac, iMovie HD is a pretty amateur program. I edited “Space Militia part 1” and “The Life of an Orc” with this program.
– iMovie ’08 – I haven’t used this program, but I know it is very good for editing.
– HyperEngine – I hear this is the Mac equivalent to Windows Movie Maker.

– Sony Cybershot – I’ve used two different Sony Cybershots. One was just a point-and-shoot and the other was a more advanced camera from 2003.
– Canon DSLR – It really depends on what software you’re using, but DSLRs are normally good cameras. Pretty expensive, though.
– Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 – The Quickcam pro 9000 is a very good camera for a very good price. It can be priced anywhere from $25 to $100. Works with most capture programs.
– Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam – Pretty much the better version of the Quickcam Pro 9000, this camera works on almost every stop motion capture program.

– Focal Tripod – This is the tripod I use most of the time. I got it for $5 at a garage sale, but I still think you can find it pretty cheap.
– Table Tripod – You can buy this for about $10 or less at Target or Walmart.
– Joby GP1 A1EN GorillaPod Flexible Tripod – Only $15 at the most, the GorillaPod is a very good table tripod.

– Dynex DX-54 Desktop Microphone – A very good mic for only being 1-5 bucks. This is what I use.
– The Blue Snowball USB Microphone – This mic is used by some more professional brickfilmers. It costs about $60.
– Logitech USB Desktop Microphone – Only about $20, this mic is pretty affordable and very good. Much better than the one I use.

I hope this page was helpful, and if you have any questions, just comment below!


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