Upcoming Brickfilms

Here is a list of all my soon to-be-released films.

Lego Slender Parody – 0% done
This is going to be a parody video based off the computer game featuring Slender Man.

Space Militia part 2 – 0% done
After all of the ideas I got for new films, the next part of Space Militia went low on my to-do list. Hopefully, I can collaborate with TheGman4039 again for the sequel.

Deadly Presto – 0% done
This is my next big project. This will be the more serious and action packed than my previous videos. I’m still in the brainstorming stage, so I wouldn’t even consider this in the pre-production stage yet.

Robin’s Knightmare – 10% done
I have just started writing the script and I’m aiming for a January-February release.

LEGO Avengers – 0% done
I will not write a script for this film since there will be no dialogue in the film.

ROBIN – 30% done
I’ve finished writing the script for this video and I will begin filming as soon as I’m done with the Halloween and Christmas specials.


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